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8.11. Subscriptions. We may offer you the opportunity to purchase subscriptions (which may also be referred to as «subscriptions» or «services») that allow access to certain content, products or services for a specified period of time. Unless otherwise stated, subscriptions are maintained indefinitely. You will automatically be charged the corresponding subscription fee within the recurring interval applicable to the subscription until you resign. If you do not have enough credits to cover your subscription fees at the time of subscription renewal, the subscription is terminated unless you have registered an authorized payment method and the auto-deposit feature on your account is set to «UN». If your auto-financing feature is «ON», we will criminalize the balance of a renewal fee with the authorized payment method you registered (this is not the case for purchases of subscriptions to children`s accounts). Every time you purchase a subscription, redeem a voucher for a subscription, or accept a trial version of a subscription on PlayStation Store, we enable auto-deposit in your account settings (even if you`ve turned it off before). You can turn off automatic financing at any time. After you cancel a subscription, you may not access the content or services provided by your subscription unless we allow it. Content that you have downloaded to a device and that has been provided to you by subscription at no additional cost beyond the subscription price may not be accessible.

Gameplay information, including trophies won during a trial offer, action period, or subscription term, may not be available. For more information about managing your subscriptions, see You can`t share your subscription with other accounts, including linked children`s accounts. However, some content and features made available for certain subscriptions may be available to other users of a subscriber`s PlayStation device or a PlayStation device on which a subscriber is logged in. Subscriptions may be included in the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy. Please read these agreements carefully before registering. Among the hundreds of standardization agreements (the total number in April 2007 [updated] was nearly 1300) are those of small arms calibers, maps, communication procedures and bridge classification. We are not responsible for monitoring or recording any activity or communications on PSN, although we may do so to investigate or enforce violations of this Agreement or to protect the rights and property of YOU, its partners and customers.

If you witness a code violation by another player, you must report it immediately using our funeral reporting tools. For more information on funeral coverage, see We are not responsible for violations of this Agreement by you or any other PSN user. 7.2. .

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