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Birds usage agreement reminds drivers (at least those who read the fine print) that the only way to know is to check with their own auto insurance company or agents. A spokesman for Progressive said the company does not cover electric scooters; Geico did not respond to a request for advice. Some safety scooters may be due to their novelty. We have become immune to the daily toll of car accidents. And disruptive transport technologies often lead to fears, some legitimate: early planes are supposed to upset chickens on the underlying farms; 19th century bikes harassed riders with «bike faces,» doctors once warned. But part of the successful introduction of a new mode of transport – especially a means of transport that has revolutionary environmental potential – is figuring out how to transport its users from point A to point B intact, preferably without bothering or injuring others. Contracts for the use of electric scooters are controversial. Many people think they are unfair to victims and isolate electric scooter sharing companies too well. Thus, the victims remain incompetent and Lime and Bird valued at billions. The agreement also requires the driver to perform a «safety check» before using the scooter and attempts to exempt the owner from a mechanical failure of the driver.

Be sure to check the full rental agreement before renting a motorized bird or Lime scooter. In the meantime, Lime`s use agreement states that it «will carry all necessary vehicle insurance, as required by applicable law.» If it is vague, it is because it is. But Lindsey Haswell, the General of Limes, says Lime`s is one of the most comprehensive plans. «Lime has been a pioneer in scooter insurance,» she said in an email. «It offers at least $1 million of liability coverage for every incident that ensures that any driver who has an accident on our platform can receive assistance.» However, opting-out is not an option for many Bird users. To opt out, you must send a written message stating that you choose not to use the following address: Customers must sign «Waiver and Release of Liability» before using electric scooters to ensure full release of all liability to the company and its employees. By signing the contract, a driver loses his right to sue Bird or Lime for injury or death resulting from the use of the scooter or the absence of a helmet, and even if the scooter does not work or is «properly maintained». She said the user agreements that Lime and Bird users essentially agree to absolve companies of any liability in the event of a breach. So far, the number of cases of assault with scooters seems to be low, but it is increasing. Lerer says more than 100 people called it last year, while Zukerberg has only heard about half a dozen in the past six months.

«Most L.A. lawyers don`t accept these cases,» Lerer said. «They are concerned about this user agreement.» If, for whatever reason, an incident occurs and an electric scooter driver is injured, the person has rights that they can exercise, when it should be done by an assault lawyer.

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