Council Of Europe Development Bank Articles Of Agreement

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(j) to approve the conclusion of general cooperation agreements with other international organizations; Over the years, the CEB has increased its workforce as its activities evolve. However, the CEB is the oldest sub-agreement of the Council of Europe. It was established in 1956 as the Council of Europe Resettlement Fund for National Refugees and Over-Population in Europe. As the scope of the banks` activities has gradually spread to other sectors over the years, it was renamed in 1999 and now carries a nominative correspondent with its own field of work. The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) is a multilateral development bank with a social focus: it provides loans for social projects to governments, local or regional authorities and public or private financial institutions. Borrowers are usually the beneficiaries of the loans they receive, but they may also be project promoters on behalf of one or more end recipients. The Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) is a multilateral development bank with a social focus. The action component, created on 16 April 1956, has gradually spread to other areas of action that directly contribute to strengthening social cohesion in Europe. B. The number of participating quotas to be held by the Bank`s new members is set in agreement with the Bank`s Executive Committee in accordance with Article IX, Section 3.

Paragraph 1. (a. and b) of these statutes. Partial agreements allow Council of Europe member states to refrain from participating in a specific activity advocated by other Member States. From a legal point of view, a partial agreement remains an activity of the Organization in the same way as other activities of the programme, with the exception of the fact that a partial agreement has its own budget and working methods, which are exclusively determined by the members of the partial agreement. c. Under the conditions set by the Board of Directors, international institutions with a European priority may also become members of the Bank or enter into an association agreement. The CEB, Europe`s oldest multilateral development bank, was established in 1956 by eight Council of Europe member states on the basis of a partial agreement to find solutions to refugee problems. The Bank, signed by eight countries on April 16, 1956, is the first sub-agreement to be reached. The sub-agreement aims to develop the card system for young people, particularly at European level, in the best interests of young people under 26, in order to facilitate their mobility and access to the various goods and services necessary for their personal and cultural development. i. are approved as a member of the Bank under the specific conditions that the Bank sets in any event in accordance with Article IX, Section 3.

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