Data Sharing Agreement Dpa

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2.1 This Agreement sets out the framework for the exchange of personal data between the Parties as data controllers and sets out the principles and procedures to be followed by the Parties and the responsibilities that the Parties owe each other. 2.8 The entity shall, on behalf of the supplier, seek agreement for the purpose of sending marketing notifications. This consent is communicated to the provider when transmitting the shared personal data for the provider`s own records. The entity shall only provide the common personal data referred to in clause 4 of this Agreement for the purposes agreed as a list in clause 2.5. As a data controller, the provider remains responsible for ensuring that all uses of the shared personal data comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations. 3.1 Each party must ensure at all times, during the campaign, compliance with the national legislation in force on data protection. 5.3 With regard to shared personal data, both parties shall ensure that their privacy notices are clear and provide data subjects with sufficient information to understand what personal data the parties share, under what circumstances they are transmitted, the purposes of the data exchange and i.e. the identity with which the data is shared, or a description of the nature of the organization that provides the personal data. The following agreement between the entity and the provider reflects the agreements they have entered into to facilitate the exchange of personal data between the parties acting as data controllers in relation to prospective students and explains the purposes for which such personal data may be used. 2.5 The transfer of personal data is necessary to support the agreed purposes of both parties: 9.3 Clause 9.2 does not apply to data transfers made by the interrogator in relation to the shared personal data. 7.2 The Parties shall keep a register of access requests, decisions taken and all information exchanged. The recordings shall contain copies of the request for information, detailed information on the data retrieved and shared, and, where applicable, notes relating to meetings, correspondence or telephone calls related to the request.

11.1 The parties are strictly obliged to notify the other party, as soon as possible and, in any case, within one working day of the discovery of a potential or actual loss, of any or actual losses, so that the parties can reflect on the measures necessary to resolve the problem in accordance with the national data protection laws and directives in force. 12.2 With respect to breaches related to this Agreement, each Party shall comply with a decision of a competent court in the data country or a binding decision of the competent data protection authority. 5.1 Each party shall ensure that it treats the shared personal data fairly and lawfully, in accordance with clause 5.2, during the campaign of this Agreement. 9.2 If express written permission has been granted under clause 9.1, the recipient may not disclose or transfer common personal data outside the EEA without ensuring that the shared personal data enjoy adequate and equivalent protection, requests: A request made by a potential student on the advertising platform managed by the company by a potential student for more information by the provider in relation to the courses/services it offers. . . .

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