First Extended Service Corporation Extended Service Agreement

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If there were negative stars, I would. This guarantee company is a joke. When I bought for my son a 2006 Nissan Truck 4×4 with off-road package in 2/2018 with about 77,000 miles from Big Red Sports/Imports to Norman, OK (another joke), I funded $2600 for an extended warranty, without being held back. My son has been truck-free for over a month, this warranty company is paying zero and I will have to personally pay $1,500 for the necessary repairs. This is part of what Stillwater Automotive sent to First Extended Service Corporation. I have a call to the original dealership where I bought the vehicle to see if it can go somewhere with them and hopefully stop selling their warranty. In fact, I paid $2800 to be treated this way! I looked at how much should an extended warranty cost and I paid way too much! Stay away from this company! I`ll tell everyone I know who`s thinking about buying a vehicle. First Extended Service has four plans with customizable timelines. Consumer assessments are critical of the company`s claims process and customer service, but positive assessments suggest that warranties are cost-effective. When I filed my application, they told me that I had not received prior authorization or that I would go to the dealership.

When I explained that the dealer had taken 10 days to work with them, that I had actually bought the extended warranty, I was able to wait for prior authorization, because I live in the country without public transport. You were rude on the phone. I asked if they would send me a denial and they said they would not necessarily send messages. I told him I wanted it, so I turned his case into the attorney general of the state of New York, and the lady hooked up the phone. I feel completely stupid that this company took $2000 of my hard-earned money and provided nothing. Bought an extended warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles during the purchase of my 2013 Buick Enclave. I started problems with the transmission shortly after the end of the plant warranty. Took the vehicle to a Buick dealership for repairs, which was refused in first extension service for repair authorization which was quickly denied. There are now months of appeal to call our lawyer and they are masters of giving the runaround and will never return from your calls. We still need to talk to someone in this company who can actually make a decision. I can see on the valuations that this company has long deprived people of.

How can this company stay in business? I bought a Mazda CX 9 in 2012 from a dealership in Canandaigua, NY, in 2016. I bought a first extended service contract for 5 years/60,000 miles. The chain of timing failed more than a month ago, so I put into practice what is called the «guarantee.» I sent documents for each oil change, but three refused because there were gaps in the service. Each of them was done at a car dealership in Richmond, VA. The allegation was dismissed. I dropped these three from a garage in the Upstate NY. All this lasted more than a month and I did not receive any calls from this company to inquire about the results of the claims. First Extended Service is an automobile warranty company with four different vehicle service options.

If your car needs to be repaired for a component covered by your warranty, First Extended Service will pay for the repair minus a deductible. Typical deductibles range from $50 to $100. I bought a service plan when I bought my vehicle. This company refuses to pay for covered repairs. They were hooked on the mechanics they sent me because he was calling them for his fraudulent behavior. You`ve denied my claim six times. I am without a vehicle before Christmas and they will not allow me to rent. My gearbox needs to be repaired to be covered.

Careful! I will take them on the advice of the workshop to a small claims court. I have worked with several after-market warranty companies, and this one is very simple and simple.

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