Isi Paris Agreement

in Sin categoría by The Paris Agreement or the Paris Agreement is an international agreement on climate change. The goal is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions after 2020. The agreement was reached at the 2015 UN climate change conference (also known as COP 21 or CMP 21) at Le Bourget in Paris. At least 195 countries have approved the agreement. . As young people, we can also contribute to it. For example, when travelling by public transport and not by private vehicle. In addition to saving on the use of paper, fabrics, electricity and also water. According to the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) study, INDC Indonesia (excluding forest emissions) is considered insufficient to meet the 2oC target (Figure 2). Cat research is based on the vagueness of emission reductions for each sector, including the vagueness of emission reductions due to reduced deforestation rates. The Paris Agreement was created as a forum for countries around the world to come together and find a way out of climate change. For example, the average increase in the temperature of the Earth`s surface each year.

Unsurprisingly, many countries, especially island states such as the Maldives, pressed the conference. Because if they are neglected in the next 100 years, the Islands of the Maldives will sink and disappear from the earth. Hii. impact? (READ: #COP21: FULL TEXT: Paris Agreement on Climate Change) This scenario concludes that by 2050, greenhouse gas emissions will need to be reduced by 23 GtCO2eq/year to reach half of greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet the temperature reduction target below 2oC. In terms of achieving the 1.5-C target, global emissions must be reduced by less than one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in 2010, or 12 GtCO2eq per year. [1] Executive Director of IESR and coordinator of the Southeast Asia Action Network (CANSEA), one of the ri negotiators at COP 21. 2. Run CO2 counting and reduction systems seamlessly. but… The world`s citizens are trying to reduce CO2 emissions in the air, countries around the world, including Indonesia, have reached a joint agreement called the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement is an environmental agreement reached by almost all countries, including Indonesia, to combat climate change and its negative effects.

The agreement aimed to continuously reduce CO2 emissions in order to limit the rise in global temperatures, which have now reached 2 degrees Celsius, and aims to limit temperature changes to at least 1.5 degrees. The agreement was initiated by developed countries in North and South America and Europe, which cooperated with various developed countries, including aid to developing countries to reduce carbon dioxide and their adaptation to climate change, which is now in a climate crisis. This agreement should enable the countries concerned to put in place a framework for monitoring, reporting and improving climate targets, which are transparently extended to individuals and countries. Five main points are the conclusion of the Paris Agreement: the logo of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference (source: According to data from the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Indonesia`s annual greenhouse gas emissions reached 2.4 billion tonnes in 2015. This figure is based on the influence caused by the transmission of burnt foment and forest functions.

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