The Role Of Youth In Achieving The Paris Agreement

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Over the years, youngo has become a strong and united movement through intercontinental Skype calls, online trainings, and annual youth conferences. Celebrate the strength of youth to accelerate #ClimateAction on #COP22 and beyond! #Youth4Climate #YFGDay Young people and activists from around the world gathered in Marrakech for the UN Climate Change Conference COP22 to highlight the important contributions of young people to the fight against climate change. Seychelles Ambassador Ronald Jumeau made a passionate intervention on how his government has worked with young people and said: «Governments should not only have young people as members of their delegations, but also allow them to learn and represent their countries as negotiators. » Family image of the young #COP22 with @HakimaElHaite at the end of a big event on #youth4climate! #ClimateAction #acenow #yfgday — Clément M (@clemetivier) November 10, 2016 Alhendawi ended his visit with a meeting with young Moroccans at a special event organized by the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNFPA. The round table was organized by the Youth Network in collaboration with the Commonwealth Secretariat and sparked exchanges between young people and representatives of governments, international organizations and civil society. That`s why our eight-member delegation is working with New Zealand`s youth and the wider climate movement to demand effective and equitable solutions. 29 March 2019: The high-level meeting on climate and sustainable development for all played a more important role than it was originally charged, with speakers needing a full day to make plenary statements, and associated many of their observations with the upcoming UN climate summit and a «new seriousness of intent» to tackle climate change. In the words of Mary Robinson. Sakét Mani, India, Youth Advocate and UN Representative The Special Day, jointly organized by youngo, the Un Joint Framework Initiative for Children, Youth and Climate Change and the UNFCCC Secretariat, encouraged youth delegates from around the world to engage with key actors in the field of intergovernmental climate change. This year, the focus was on the role of young people in the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Rtcc asked a handful of youth delegates what they expected from the December agreement.

As CYCN tries to integrate the youth perspective into political decision-making processes on climate change, both at UN and Commonwealth level, we must continue to encourage young people to get involved, because the way we live tomorrow will be a direct result of what we do today. . . .

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