Try To Reach Agreement By Discussion

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To have fruitful discussions in the early stages of your call, you need to do some preliminary research on the topics. See also section: Where can I get the support of my opposition? To reach an agreement on a topic on which people had differing opinions Don`t assume that BC Assessment knows why you`re unhappy with your assessment and disagree with you. Even if you have already passed the first level of call, we recommend you and BC Assessment for further interviews. It is best not to delay the interview with BC Assessment, as these discussions often lead to the resolution of your appeal. If your claim is not resolved during these preliminary interviews, the Chamber will hold a complaint management conference call. For more information, see a call management conference. Set 2 min, first group exam, then O/ C F /B – Immediate correction of answers if necessary, T highlights the steps of the sentences by giving an example: give the opinion: «The way I see things, we have to decide which lesson to learn first, you know we will have an exam next week.» Comment: «Exactly!» Suggestion: «I suggest you focus on…… » – T pierces the phrases BC Assessment might want to inspect your property to confirm your facts and the condition of your property. Do something after a discussion or a long reflection If the Chamber does not accept your resignation, the appeal will continue with the following steps. What are the steps if BC Assessment and I agree to change my assessment? – T is a task.. .


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