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That is why the political momentum for a new global agreement is developing rapidly. Several recently issued high-level regional and ministerial declarations, including the Nordic Ministerial Declaration, [2] the Caribbean and Community and Community Declaration (CARICOM), the Johannes Declaration[3] the Durban Declaration [4] and the European Union`s new Action Plan on the Circular Economy[5], which call for a legally binding comprehensive treaty. The EIS believes that the new legally binding agreement should be based on four pillars of action. Marco Lambertini, director general of the environmental organisation WWF International, said that rich countries had for too long given up responsibility for huge amounts of plastic waste and that the new agreement was a very welcome step towards correcting the imbalance and restoring some responsibility. Such measures are not unprecedented. For example, the European Union recently adopted the Single-Use Plastics Directive, which prohibits many disposable plastic items, such as cotton chopsticks, cutlery, plates, straws, drink agitators, balloon sticks and many extended polystyrene products. These single-use plastic items are often found among the best items on the beaches, but alternatives are readily available, and their continued use is useless. This legislation is also a means of implementing expanded producer liability systems for other problematic plastics, such as fishing gear and certain types of plastic products, to ensure that responsibility for product management is transferred equitably throughout their life cycle throughout the supply chain. , supports the current demand from NGO leaders, including WWF and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, for this important international agreement.

On the basis of the report, large companies today called for a UN treaty on plastic pollution to tackle the fragmented regulatory landscape and complement existing voluntary measures. In a joint report, The Business Case for a Treaty on Plastic Pollution, WWF, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the Boston Consulting Group conclude that despite a doubling of voluntary initiatives and national regulations over the past five years, plastic waste continues to seep into the environment at alarming speeds – with more than 11 million tonnes of plastic flowing into our oceans each year. There is an urgent need to strengthen current efforts with a more coordinated and ambitious approach.

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