Commercial Hvac Maintenance Agreement

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If you`re considering an HLK commercial contract or are re-evaluating an existing contract service, you might wonder if there are any details you need to consider. The answer is yes. As with any building maintenance service, HLK contracts may contain hidden clauses that you let out of your pocket or are locked into an agreement that no longer works for you. Here are the important details to watch out for: we create with your employees a maintenance plan for each device. We are fermented so that the work is carried out in a timely manner, either by our service technicians or by your employees. Cii will take care of your equipment so that we can detect small problems before they become too important. Your agreement with us brings you the safety and security that accompanies professional specialists in the workplace. HLK service contracts are divided into four basic types, depending on the attention contained in the coverage. A full-service contract includes maintenance, parts, repairs, and even replacement equipment at a price. A pure employment contract includes the entire duration of the technician, but turns parts, spare equipment and consumables into separate costs on demand. A preventive service contract offers seasonal optimizations and may or may not contain consumables.

An inspection contract includes periodic inspections, but none of the actual maintenance or repair work needed to resolve the problems that arise. Some agreements also include services that will help you plan equipment or installation upgrades. A service contract with a distribution undertaking may include reductions or reductions in operating rates. Due to dirt build-up and wear, a poorly maintained commercial HLK system rather struggles to keep your office or building comfortable while consuming more energy. As a result, it will drive up your energy bills. According to the Ministry of Energy, air conditioning systems account for about 35% of the total energy consumption in a commercial building. This means that it can have a considerable influence on your operating costs. One of the main advantages of an HLK commercial maintenance contract is that it is provided with inspection services. The technician will thoroughly assess the condition of your HLK system and identify and resolve any issues that arise. The result is fewer failures and fewer repair costs.. .


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