Explain The Law Relating To Minors Agreement With Relevant Case Laws

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This means that when a person obtains goods or goods through misrepresentation, he or she may be forced to restore them to the person from whom they have received them. This doctrine also applies to minors. But the miner may be forced to restore the property or the goods as long as the same thing can be traced back into his possession. An agreement with or by a minor is invalid and inoperable ah initio [Moltri Bihi vs. Dharomdas Chose]. These agreements are considered invalid and do not exist in the eyes of the law. These cannot be applied against a minor. Two conditions must be met for the estate of minors to be responsible for the needs (a) the needs made available to the minor must be truly necessary to support the life of a minor. b) these needs should not be adequately taken care of by the minor beforehand. An agreement reached by a minor cannot be confirmed by him on obtaining a majority. The reason is that the agreement on minors was concluded from the beginning and is therefore not valid by ratification.

A minor cannot be declared insolvent. This is because all agreements with a minor are totally unst soured. Moreover, the minor is not personally responsible for the debts incurred during the period of his minority. A person under the age of 18 is classified as a minor. Because they have an immature mind, they are very often exploited. There are laws that protect minors from unnecessary hardship when they enter into an agreement. Sometimes a person provides a need to a minor. In such cases, the supplier of necessities may require the reimbursement of the miners` assets. When a minor who is incompetent for a contractual relationship and is taken care of by another necessity of life is compensated by the person who made the needs available to the minor, he may be compensated by the property of the minor. A minor cannot be bound if he has no quality. When a minor has received a benefit from an unsworn agreement, he or she cannot be asked to compensate or pay for it. Article 65, which provides for restitution in the case of unseeded agreements, does not apply to minors.

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