Lewes District Council Tenancy Agreement

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If you are considering moving into a smaller property or moving to protected housing from general accommodation, you may receive a financial incentive. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may use assistance to help you eliminate fees, handling fees or debts to the Commission. Please contact your local council for more information on current incentive systems. Existing tenants may exchange apartments and leases with another tenant of another council or social landlord, depending on the type of rent each party holds. Permission from both donors is required and a decision is made within 42 days of receiving the full applications. An inspection of the accommodation is also required. If you violate the terms of your lease, the Commission will take appropriate action to remedy it. In the event of a serial offence, the Commission will attempt to recover possession through the judicial process. If you have rent arrears, contact us at the end of your lease to reach an agreement to correct arrears on your account. If you do not pay your arrears, we can send your data to a collection office. «When the cooperative alliance was founded last year, we promised to support the growth of all kinds of creative industries in the district, from arts dance groups to digital businesses, IT providers to artists and creators in the city. There are different ways to change a Council rent. But what you can do depends on the rent you keep.

Some policies are given on this page, but please contact us directly for advice on your personal situation. If you make changes to your Board member, we always advise you to seek independent legal advice. You should inform us as soon as possible of the tenant`s death. We would be happy to advise you if anyone residing in the property has an inheritance tax to stay in the property. We can also talk to you through the lease termination process, which will be different depending on who you are in contact with the deceased. Please note that the housing allowance ends on the Sunday following the death of a tenant, so please contact us as soon as possible. When a tenant dies, the lease, designated as a successor, may be passed on. A lease can only be passed on once. The rules on inheritance tax depend on when the lease began and the type of lease maintained.

While detailed draft plans are still pending, the City Council has the ambition to create a mix of more than 30 council houses on both sites, sustainability being essential to the design of a mix of housing and houses. The tips use homeswapper to help you find an appropriate exchange. As soon as an appropriate exchange has been found, please contact your council to make progress. «That same week, we presented our new business plan for the District, which puts climate emergency and housing at the heart of our actions, we are announcing this incredibly exciting proposal for new Council housing.» If you are a tenant of a Council unit, you can apply for a lease with your partner. The availability of your rental account is up to date and there are no arrears that you can request by filling out the application for a common rental form (31kb, PDF). Check out our right-to-sale information for details on what both tips can offer. 28 days` notice are required by a tenant who wishes to give up his name from a joint tenancy agreement.

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